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Music Is: Best Collections of Ding Yi Encore – Masterpieces by Gu Guanren

Masterpieces by Gu GuanRen_1194x556_Main

Even with the arrival of Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening, performing arts still can’t perform live. With local Chinese chamber music ensemble Ding Yi Music Company, they’ll be sticking to the safe side of things, and presenting their first ever ticketed digital concert on SISTIC Live.

Selecting the very best from their archives, Ding Yi will present Masterpieces by Gu Guanren, which was performed at the SCO Concert Hall in 2018, to kickstart their plans for ticketed digital concert experiences for their audiences. Featuring the works of the renowned, living legend Gu Guanren, the 78 year-old composer is best known as an advocate and trailblazer of the classic and modern Jiangnan silk and bamboo music. The concert showcases Chinese classics that built the foundation to the world of modern Chinese music scene, such as Remembrance of Wenchuan Earthquake《5.12 祭》, Spring Suite《春天组曲》 and Fishermen’s Song of the Eastern Sea《东海渔 歌》.

“Whether you are a Chinese music fan, a musician, or have no background to the Chinese music genre, you will love this concert for its majestic grandeur by a full orchestra of more than 70 musicians, performing Chinese classics familiar to many,” said Ding Yi General Manager Elvia Goh (吴欣慈). “While we see the viability of digital means for the arts, we also hope to seek 2 support from our audience, fans and supporters in this difficult time. Your contribution will sustain our art-making journey for a non-profit arts organisation like Ding Yi.”

Best Collections of Ding Yi Encore: Masterpieces by Gu Guanren runs from 26th June to 19th July 2020 on the SISTIC Livestream. Tickets available from SISTIC


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