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The Coronalogues: Stand to Win $500 When You Submit Your Monologue To SRT


When Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) presented The Coronalogues – Silver linings back in May, it marked one of the first original local works to have emerged during the circuit breaker period. With moderate success, SRT is now inviting YOU to be a part of the next phase of the project!

In the original production, 9 writers and actors got together to perform monologues inspired by glimpses of hope they felt during the circuit breaker period. Now, SRT wants more people to come forward and share their ‘silver linings’. As we ease into the new normal, think of this new edition of The Coronalogues as a community one, as a group attempt to counter the onslaught of bad news, and give hope to those around us.


As strange as these times seem, there is always a silver lining, even for the most seemingly mundane lives. This is your chance then, to shine in your very own production, and get selected and featured by SRT. All you have to do is write and perform your own monologues, record it on video, and submit it to SRT by 13th July 2020.

Once done, a panel of judges will review the entries and make their shortlist of entries, before opening up the shortlist to the public to vote for the winning monologue from each category (Youth below 20 years old and Open). A winner will be selected from each category, where each will win a $500 cash prize, kindly donated by one of SRT’s well-wishers.

Not sure where to get started? Some of SRT’s collaborators on The Coronalogues are here to give you tips, such as co-director Daniel Jenkins, writer and comedian Rishi Budhrani, and performer Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai. Come share your stories of hope, uplift the community in these difficult times, and stand to win a nifty cash prize with SRT’s open call for Coronalogue submissions.

For more information and submission details, visit SRT’s website webpage website. Submissions are open from Monday 29th June to Monday 13th July 2020.

The Coronalogues was live streamed on Facebook Live on 26th May 2020. Watch the production here


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