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Music Is: Jason Yu releases new single Now I Know as prelude to upcoming EP

Singapore-based singer-songwriter Jason Yu announces a brand new single titled Now I Know. Having taken a hiatus since the release of his critically acclaimed single – Hearts Release in 2018, Yu’s upcoming track is a reimagining of the artiste and is the first of multiple singles from an upcoming EP.

Now I Know is a song that draws from Yu’s experience of realisation, loss, and regret. The song tugs on the heartstrings of listeners through ingeniously encapsulating these heavy emotions using characteristically dark tones, raw metaphorical lyric writing, and ataractic melodies. Featuring a unique blend of idiosyncratic sounds and words, all while maintaining and further solidifying a consistent brand, makes Now I Know the perfect comeback song for Jason Yu.

“Now I Know is a manifestation of the grief and turmoil that I had to go through after losing someone. The mistakes I made; the things I could have done right, only further fuelled the loathing I had for myself at that time. However, something good did come from the experience. I had learned that the pain I went through had made me stronger, and I emerged a better person. Through Now I Know I hope to convey to my listeners that though we might falter in life, our blunders are just lessons in disguise.” says Yu.

Listen to Now I Know here

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