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Preview: TLC Children’s Festival by The Little Company

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This September, Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company is bringing theatre to your screens, with the TLC Children’s Festival taking place completely online! For a whole month, look out for brand new productions, workshops and fun activities with the aim to entertain, inspire and nurture the kids.

For starters, catch Fly High, as Poppy (Tan Rui Shan) and Mo (Andrew Marko) embark on a quest to build a flying machine! Originally slated to be staged earlier this year, watch as physical theatre, comedy, original songs, and puppetry come together to create a whirlwind tour through the basics of aerodynamics and friendship.

Childhood is a time filled with stories that capture children’s imagination and wonderment, and TLC is here to deliver on that with their selection of classic stories from around the world. Join storytellers Alemay Fernandez, Daniel Jenkins, Andrew Marko and Julie Wee as they regale you with tales of friendship, family, love, and more with these unforgettable tales and folklore from around the world.

Plus, join workshops and webinars for a little self-improvement this September, from SRT’s Stage Camp (Mandarin Edition), where children will be taught confidence, creativity and communication from experienced theatre practitioners; as well as virtual workshops and webinars imparting the value of creativity and bonding through nursery rhymes to be better parents and better teachers.

This September, let The Little Company entertain you and chase the COVID blues away, and you might just walk away with a new skill, or be reminded of the magic of theatre and storytelling, with the first fully online TLC Children’s Festival.

The TLC Children’s Festival runs from 5th September to 4th October 2020 online on SISTIC Live. For more information, visit their website here

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