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Music Is: Local songbird Miss Lou releases new single ‘Spot of Sunshine’ to bring positive vibes amidst a dark 2020


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Most of the world has had their plans derailed thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, and local singer Miss Lou is no exception. What was set to be the biggest year yet screeched to a halt in March, but she has chosen to look on the bright side and is thankful for the fresh perspectives, new opportunities, and renewed purpose it has brought about for her as an artist and a human being.

But over the past 6 months, she’s been working hard, having started a weekly live stream concert series on YouTube, It’s Live! with Miss Lou; co-produced and -anchored a 12-Hour Live Stream that had international guests from Minister Grace Fu to fellow artist Joanna Dong, whom she pulled off a Zoom-duet with; premiered 4 new songs at a live-streamed performance from the Esplanade Concourse as part the Esplanade’s Red Dot August series; started an Inner Circle monthly subscription service where fans can pay a monthly fee for exclusive and early content; and was a featured panel speaker at a webinar for IPOS’ IP Week 2020 GRIT Series.

Now she’s back with a brand new single to spread light and optimism to all, with ‘Spot of Sunshine’. The song also marks the first single fully funded by Miss Lou’s Inner Circle subscribers – the production, recording, and promotion aspects are all made possible by their contributions in both their feedback as well as their financial support. Musically, the song feels like a ray of sunlight after a storm, her voice clear and her lyrics soothing, a surefire way to perk up your day when the going gets tough. 

“Even though I’ve played it at many shows in the past, I kept putting off its release because I had tried to record it no less than 5 times with different bands, producers, and collaborators in the past 6 years, because it never felt completely right,” says Miss Lou, on the release. “Over the past 9 months, I’ve finally found a great team of music collaborators, a comfortable space to record in, and a newfound confidence in taking the lead in my music as a record producer.”

“If there’s anything that I’ve learnt from the pandemic and the Circuit Breaker period, it’s that nothing is certain, and the clarity of what was truly essential in life. I knew that now more than ever, we needed to see light at the end of the tunnel, and this song communicates exactly that: after we strip away the superfluous, we can be that spot of sunshine for others in the storm, too. The pandemic has shown me the healing role that artists can play if we apply our artistry purposefully, with heart and the right intentions.”

‘Spot of Sunshine’ will also be part of an upcoming album of original songs written during the pandemic, exploring wide-ranging but uplifting themes of purpose, faith, hope, love, and unity in diversity. The single will also be marked by an hour-long ticketed live stream concert of original songs at 10pm, Singapore time on Sessions Live.

Learn more about Miss Lou on her website here, and listen to more of her on Spotify

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