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Music Is: Singer-songwriter Annette Lee releases sophomore EP ‘Song For The Underdog’

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Singaporean singer-songwriter Annette Lee has announced the release of her highly anticipated second EP ‘Song For The Underdog’. The EP is available on all digital streaming platforms on 2nd October 2020, Friday. 

A storyteller at heart, Annette Lee sees her work in film, comedy and music as ways of creating joy and impacting lives. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Filmmaking in Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design & Media in 2015, where her talent for film-making and digital content met with her love of music. 

Following her debut EP ‘All Our Achilles Heels’ in 2017, ‘Song For The Underdog’ offers a series of empowering tunes to lift the spirits of all who might feel downtrodden. The EP is a culmination of nearly 2 years of work in and outside of the studio produced by Colton Price and Grammy Award Winning producer Jerricho Scroggins (Tobymac’s album, Eye On It). Lee shares: “Growing up, I often felt like an underdog – weak, fumbling, and overwhelmed by odds that were stacked against me. I soon realized that just like the Aesop Fables story of ‘The Tortoise And The Hare’, I can still win despite seemingly lagging in the race of life.”

The title track, Song For The Underdog was written as an encouragement anthem to the singer-songwriter herself, and for anyone out there who are in need to know that there is always hope. Other previously released singles ‘Gold’ and ‘Spring Will Always Come’, which are also part of this EP, touch on every day humans overcoming the struggles and doubts they face in life.

Annette Lee will also be releasing a music video for the last single off this EP, titled ‘Crossroads’, which will be available on her Youtube page on 8th October 2020, Thursday 9PM (SGT). “My wish is for this EP release to encapsulate that spoken hope best, which is also why it is the title track and overarching idea of never losing faith,” says Lee. “We all have had times where we are faced with difficult life decisions in life or in love. Crossroads is a song about having to step into the unknown, into a new chapter of life, and having faith in the path ahead.”

Listen to Song For The Underdog here. Find out more about Annette Lee on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube

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