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Arts of the UK 2020: Last Call For Closure by Me & Mi Theatre Co

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LONDON – In an astute, yet tender new two hander from Mimi Monteith (SONDER, Two Of A Kind), come take an intimate look into the final moments of letting someone go.

“It probably would have been a pretty standard story, seeing you, for the first time in a year. I’d undoubtedly have ignored you for most of the night and then found a way to make sure we were the last two people to leave. We’d have a final catch up; a final drink, maybe, then leave, hoping that that would be enough closure to walk away from you for the final time. I’m better now. I, can, walk away from you. You know, would, have walked away from you, had we not been locked into the pub for six hours because some tosser in the bar down the road decided to hold thirty-five people hostage. Thirty-five people hostage for fifty K. Can you imagine that? I think I’d at least demand a hundred, just for the effort. Anyway, if there’s one thing that’s going to make you forget any awkwardness with an ex-partner, it’s the fear of a shooting just down the road, right?”

If you weren’t sure whether there was going to be a tomorrow, who would you want to spend tonight with? Performed by Eleanor de Rohan and Daniel Lockett, watch as Monteith’s writing explodes in a pressure cooker of unbearable internal and external tensions in Last Call for Closure. 

Last Call For Closure runs at The Vaults, London, from 8th to 13th November 2020. 

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