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Art What!: Gagosian Premieres presents art exhibition behind-the-scenes footage via livestream

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Gagosian Premieres, a new livestreaming event series debuting 9th October, aims to bring the sense of occasion and celebration associated with our gallery openings, as well as access to artists and cultural luminaries, directly to our audience. From early October, these events will form a critical part of the gallery’s programming. Presented exclusively online and crafted with the seamless production values of broadcast television, the series will allow viewers to share unique and compelling experiences.

Gagosian Premieres brings art and artists, writers and musicians, performances and conversations further into the digital realm, with the aim of reaching a wider viewership than ever before. Each event will be created in close collaboration with the selected artist, and shaped around his or her gallery exhibition to provide contextual breadth.

Highlights of the program will include intimate performances of music inspired by and composed in response to the work of exhibiting artists, as well as in-depth conversations that will explore how the profound challenges and conflicts we are facing in our society today resonate through the art of our time. The series will launch with episodes featuring the work of Gregory Crewdson, Titus Kaphar, and Mary Weatherford.

A significant expansion of the gallery’s pioneering digital initiatives, Gagosian Premieres will provide artists with exciting new ways to share their inspirations and ideas; their visions will be at the core of each presentation, influencing the selection of collaborators and the shaping of its content. Among the contributors will be some of the most widely respected voices from the worlds of contemporary literature, music, entertainment, film, and, of course, art.

While Gagosian’s physical galleries are reopening one by one, the events and celebrations that engage and invigorate us continue to be paused as a result of the ongoing health crisis. Gagosian Premieres aims to bring viewers together to enjoy art in a momentous and collective way, even while physically distanced.

Gagosian Premieres will be available on YouTube and the Gagosian website from 9th October 2020. To watch the series trailer and sign up for updates, visit their website here

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