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Art What!: Iwan Effendi’s DRAWING withdrawing at Mizuma Gallery

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Mizuma Gallery has announced DRAWING withdrawing, a solo exhibition of Indonesian artist Iwan Effendi, curated by Artati Sirman. In puppet theatre, a puppeteer aids a certain tension between his puppet and its audience as he builds their relations around the suspension of disbelief. For a short period of time, as an audience, we willingly depart away from any form of critical thinking in favour of enjoyment.

Thus, in the hands of the puppeteer on stage, the object (puppet) slowly transcends through its ontological ambiguity into a subject. As narrated scenes are being played out, what goes on in our mind then, is the interplay between our current perception of the puppet’s objectness and our eventual imagination of its subjectness.

With time, true to the mission of any visual dramaturgy, we will form meanings from the resonating abstraction we see on stage, to the things we can relate to by accessing a comparable memory. The equivalent of this spectating experience can also be felt at any artist’s studio as well as at his/her resulting exhibition, where the spatial accord between the viewed artwork and its viewers results in the latter’s emotional, intellectual, and aesthetical shifts. But how do you depict that unseen, fleeting — nevertheless, undeniably felt presence?

In his second solo exhibition at Mizuma Gallery, Iwan Effendi, a visual artist and Co-Artistic Director of Papermoon Puppet Theatre, showcases his new body of work which represents the phenomenology of the transformative elements of a live performance.

Whilst with puppet theatre-making, he is accustomed to begin each work in a narratological manner, his current exploration investigates the elements outside of narration — albeit still being faithfully within his universe of puppet theatre. Through drawing and withdrawing, Effendi arrives at a range of exciting mediums that includes printmaking, etching as well as video projection, and with careful excitement, he delves into the uncharted realm in between each end of a circular trajectory of a puppet, its puppeteer, and their audience.

DRAWING Withdrawing runs from 13th November to 13th December 2020 at Mizuma Gallery. More information available here

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