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Music Is: Jason Yu releases new single ‘Anyone’ as third single for upcoming EP

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Hot off making headlines with his previous release Now I Know, Singapore based Singer/Songwriter Jason Yu announces a brand new single titled Anyone, and is the latest from a string of releases leading to his upcoming EP.

In Anyone, Yu dives into his struggles of self-worth, as he navigates through life whilst trying to find a sense of belonging and purpose. “Try as I may, sometimes it just feels like I’ll never be truly understood.” says Yu. The song explores the irony and frustration of being surrounded by multitudes, and yet still feeling alone. Stemming from Yu’s own helplessness, the lyrics and the arrangement of the piece forms a soundscape that mirrors the hollow, empty oasis of what it feels like to be alone in this big world, to constantly be yearning for that someone, anyone.

“However depressing the narrative of the song might seem, my intention with Anyone is to let those who are listening know that no one is alone in this, that we are all looking for that person, a friend, a lover, that truly understands us. Beyond wallowing in our self-pity, I hope the acknowledgement of my own vulnerabilities would provide comfort to those that are fighting their own demons, because they will know that at least they’re not alone.”, Yu remarks.

Listen to Anyone on Spotify. Anyone is the 3rd single off Yu’s upcoming EP. Details on the EP will be released on a later date.

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