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Music Is: Japanese Pop Outfit UQiYO releases dreamy pop collab ‘lo V er’ With Singaporean Artist MARICELLE

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Japanese Pop Music Project UQiYO are no stranger to Southeast Asia, with a previous single, ‘FLy’ released under Singaprean independent music label, Umami Records, at the start of 2020. UQiYO has announced the release of a brand new dreamy pop single, ‘lo V er’, a collaborative single with Singaporean artist MARICELLE. ‘lo V er’ will be made available on all digital streaming platforms on 6th November 2020. 

As if they already felt the world’s momentum before the COVID-induced lockdown, UQiYO came up with the idea of a song expressing: “Being physically separated from loved ones, but connecting the heart and soul by transcending time and space“.

Having met in Japan before the COVID pandemic, both UQiYO and MARICELLE used one of UQiYO’s unfinished loop tracks, and recorded the single in separate rooms without seeing each other’s faces. “I wondered what kind of colour we would be able to produce if we were to put all our energy into a bucket of paint.” UQiYO shares, “The purpose of making separate rooms for the recording was so that there was a completely different sound in terms of quality of the speakers and what was heard was only the vocals which came and went into each other’s rooms. At first one might feel a sense of discomfort in this sound phase (if we can call it that), but as we gradually progress in the song, we hope that listeners will be able to notice our succession in feeling the love that has transcended through time and space.”

‘lo V er’ takes on an effortless approach to melody and vocals coupled together which will leave you engrossed from the start to finish of the song. UQiYO will release an upcoming album which will include the single ‘lo Ver’, as well as other collaborations from artists in Southeast Asia, set for Q1 of 2021. 

Listen to l o V er on Spotify.

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