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Preview: Baybeats 2020 by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

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In a time where most festivals have gone fully digital, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay sheds a little light on the performing arts scene and live performances with the return of Baybeats in a live format, following an interim digital edition back in August.

Formed on the basis of being “a festival by the community, for the community,” Baybeats 2020 will be a hybrid festival combining digital programmes with live ones for selected performances in line with government regulations. These performances will be held at the Esplanade’s massive Concert Hall and Esplanade Theatre. At the Concert Hall, get ready for livetsreamed performances by this year’s six Baybeats Budding Bands, who will make their debut at the festival after two months of mentorship. And over at the Theatre, seasoned bands from dream pop starlets Subsonic Eye, to theatrical metal band Cockpit, to electronic pop sextet Riot !n Magenta and punk metal veterans Opposition Party will be livestreaming their performances.

Look out for a special two-way livestreamed experience at the Esplanade Annexe Studio, where audiences will get to be part of what is deemed the closest experience to a live gig. Indie rock band Astreal, all-star group Hanging Up The Moon and hip hop stars THELIONCITYBOY feat. Amthakid and ABANGSAPAU will be performing in these two-way livestreamed sets, where live audiences will be projected on screens around the performers.

Finally, through the Baybeats Budding initiative, look out for even more homegrown music talent cultivated by the Esplanade, going beyond just music-making to also promote music journalism, gig photography and video arts. While life has been interrupted by COVID-19, it’s time to let a little local music back into your life as Baybeats 2020 roars back onto the scene with ‘live’ performances at the Esplanade’s biggest venues, and get ready to rock on, both online and onsite this November.

Baybeats 2020 runs from 6th to 8th November 2020 at the Esplanade. More information available here

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