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Music Is: Lincoln Lim and Houg release new single ‘(Feel Like) Dancing Alone’

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Local singers Lincoln Lim and Houg have released new single ‘(Feel Like) Dancing Alone’. The two-track release celebrates the duality of the artists, showcasing two radically different mixing and mastering approaches to the same track. After conversations during their individual forays in Australia, with Lincoln being one of the Singaporean representatives to perform at BIGSOUND 2019 in Brisbane and Houg building his fanbase over in Melbourne, this release represents the culmination of their experiences and conversations while highlighting their individual flavours.

The two-track release is a reflection of two very different musical worlds colliding, with Lincoln’s folk-tinged and alternative-pop sensibilities and Houg’s lo-fi, chillwave essence, allowing the release to have the freedom to celebrate the mad, musical mashup while still bringing focus to the individualism of both artists. ‘(Feel like) Dancing Alone’ encapsulates the bliss of a healthy relationship, one that is trusting and comfortable, letting you “dance on your own” without mistrust. This free-spirited vibe was inspired by Lincoln’s and Houg’s free-flowing creative process. From a production process that was truly a partnership, there was a mutual trust and allowance for debates between them that led to musical decisions that challenged both artist’s standpoints. Houg explains: “It was about creatively challenging myself to include Lincoln’s more folky-alternative rock against the traditionally synth-heavy sound I’m used to”.

Lincoln adds: “For me, I’ve always been a fan of the intricate and thoroughly different production work Houg delivers, and an opportunity to experiment with that and to just see what happens was one that excited me when I first thought about it, and still excites me today”.

Listen to (Feel Like) Dancing Alone from 27th November 2020, available on all digital platforms. Join Lincoln Lim on his social media channels on Facebook and Instagram, and Houg on Facebook and Instagram

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