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Music Is: Chasing Daylight releases new single “Heartbreak”

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Following their much-awaited comeback, local indie rock band Chasing Daylight is back to end the year on a high note, with their new single “Heartbreak”. Slated for release on 27th November 2020, together with a fan collaboration music video premiering on 2nd December, Chasing Daylight will also be showcasing an exclusive “behind-the-song” video will be showcased and selling limited edition merchandise on their website.

In the song, Chasing Daylight ruminates on nostalgia and the transience of life. Written from the band’s reflections on a year of mishaps and setbacks, the song encourages listeners to honestly embrace the transitions and losses in life. The song presents a fresh take on the modern rock genre, combining a rich blend of 80s synthesizers, big beats and soaring guitar lines, building up to a chorus textured with lush harmonies that is both cathartic and an intimate cry.

Frontman Wei Chiang explains: “This song is about those moments I think we all experience when life catches up with us. Maybe you’re looking up into the sky at night, or driving past your old school, or you hear a song that you used to listen to with your ex, and suddenly it hits you… Wow, there’s all this ‘past life’ that I used to live. Where did it go? This year has honestly been a rollercoaster ride for us personally and as a band. So I started writing the lyrics for “Heartbreak” from a pretty sober and reflective place. The main idea going into the song was that it is okay to just grieve the things we’ve lost. But as our band was finishing up the song, I think we reached a realization that maybe, embracing our losses doesn’t have to only be a sad thing. It can also be really beautiful.”

Listen to Heartbreak when it drops on 27th November 2020. Join Chasing Daylight on their social media channels on Facebook and Instagram

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