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Music Is: New band whirring release debut single ‘if you’d have me’

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Brand new indie pop band whirring has arrived, and they’re ready to announce it with the release of their debut single, ‘if you’d have me’, available on all streaming platforms on 20th November 2020. Alternating between quiet insecurity and aching, swelling choruses, whirring takes a deep dive into the uncertain waters of infatuation with ‘if you’d have me’, a captivating electronic-pop track.

With punchy 808s and stacked vocal harmonies complementing a lyrically honest, introspective narrative, ‘if you’d have me’ encapsulates the self-directed frustration at knowing exactly how you feel about someone, yet being unable to express those emotions. “if you’d have me as a song is extremely self reflective – 90% of the song was written as a demo in two weeks, but we have spent a year getting to know our own music and working on all the little details,” say the duo, comprising Aqid Aiman and Michelle Jeon. “We are both at a pretty transformational stage in our lives as well, and the idea of wanting to achieve something yet holding yourself back resonated really strongly. We are thrilled to be able to condense these emotions into something widely relatable.”

Melding groovy electronic beats, lush shimmering synths, and layered vocals that tangle and entwine, whirring digs deep in weaving deft personal narratives – exploring the anxieties and vulnerabilities lying just beneath the surface of the 20-something psyche. whirring was formed in 2018 as a conscious effort to create music in uncomfortable new territories. The duo were chosen to be a part of the second edition of The Great Singapore Replay in 2019, where they worked with producers Jason Gelchen and Shabir. The resulting track, ‘Departure Song’, garnered close to 30,000 streams in its first month, with the band featuring on the cover of New Music Friday Singapore. ‘if you’d have me’ is whirring’s first release with indie label Where Are The Fruits.

Listen to if you’d have me here. Join whirring on their social media channels on Facebook and Instagram

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