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Art What!: Blackboard Schemes at The Substation Gallery

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An intentionally hierarchy-less all-women arts collective will be showcasing a joint exhibition at The Substation Gallery from 10th to 17th December 2020 as part of The Substation’s Associate Artist Programme. The exhibition is an exploration of collectivism in a time of a pandemic. It puts the artist before the art in a difficult time, seeking to embrace the diversity in art making in a collective without a filtering lens, also the challenges of artistic collaboration in a socially distanced reality. In the exhibition, the artworks are but the by-product of artistic convergences, communication, negotiation and contestation.

Blackboard Schemes is an art exhibition that uses experimental coursework to engage artists of Fertile Art Refinery (FAR). The art collective is further stratified to work in groups and adopt a process-centred approach to artmaking.

This structure uses reflexive collectivism as a foothold for the wealth of each artistic concern within FAR. The eight groups navigated through distanced collaboration that is mediated by digital conversations due to the pandemic. The outcome of this project is the documentation of works-in-progress by 30 artists coming together to exhibit the challenges of connecting and collective exploration during the lockdown. Completed artworks are only but a by-product. T

he schematics brought out conversations about the society and the pandemic, representation of women, bioecology, the ideas of craft and fine art, and other artistic lenses that cannot comply with one central theme. Blackboard Schemes includes the diversity of art practices that generate different modes of artmaking.

Blackboard Schemes runs from 10th to 17th December 2020 at The Substation Gallery. 

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