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Art What!: ThisConnect – Threading Worlds by Hunny and Lummy


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of Singaporeans, from being cooped up at home during the circuit breaker, to losing their financial stability due to unemployment. As Singaporeans grapple with uncertainties brought about by the virus, there is an increased need to raise emotional and mental wellness states from an individual to a collective societal level as a whole.

Mental and emotional challenges act like an invisible yet powerful force. It’s almost impossible to see them coming, and they always seem to hit us the hardest when we are the most vulnerable. It is difficult to trace the roots of our mental and emotional struggles. As a result, our most difficult problems in life are often layered, complex, and hard to explain – even to ourselves. Beyond that mental health and emotional wellness are more than just about the symptoms and labels. It is about addressing the personal challenges we face in life that cause us to feel distressed. This requires us to unpack the complex problems we face in life; problems that are deeply intertwined with the societal and cultural norms, family upbringing, and social environment we live in; down to the root level to see things for what they really are, beyond our filters. We recognise the need to take a step back to look at mental health issues starting at the fundamental aspects of our lives and to have conscious and constructive conversations not only about the issues that weigh us down but also strategies and solutions to uplift ourselves.

With the support of Temasek Trust’s oscar@sg fund, Hunny & Lummy, a social artist duo, created multi-media experiential art exhibitions named ThisConnect: Threading Worlds. It aims to inspire Singaporeans to come forward to learn to ask for help and support and spread the message that there are support systems available out there for them. It aims to reshape and redefine our understanding of mental health by unpacking the social stigmas of what is and what is not, beyond just being a label and to attempt to address and re-educate the core of the issue, down from an individual to the collective.

A multi-disciplinary art exhibition that examines the different dimensions of the human connection, the works reflect upon the subtle dynamics and invisible forces that cause a rift between our internal worlds and external expression. Through the documentation of performative, instructional, and participatory art, the artists and participants individually and collectively came together to share, discuss, feel, and heal. Through a group effort where safe spaces were created for them to look inwards, participants could confront their personal truths and difficult emotions. The pieces in this exhibition reflect courage, love, and the immense power a person can have when they return to their authenticity and innocence once again.

The full exhibition features 7 bodies of work and will be held from 17th December 2020 to 8th February 2021. The full exhibition will take place at 1 Neil Road, and will also have satellite exhibitions at Temasek Shophouse, Orchard Library, and Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre. More information available here

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