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Preview: Keturunan Ruminah by Hatch Theatrics

3 things are certain in life.
Death, taxes and a family chat group on WhatsApp.
What’s your family chat group like?
Ever wondered what other family chat groups are like?

You may have experienced countless plays on Zoom, but have you ever experienced a play entirely on WhatsApp? Hatch Theatrics is here to change that, with Keturunan Ruminah (Ruminah’s Family), giving you the rare opportunity to sit in on one family’s WhatsApp group as they navigate being disconnected in a connected world.

Just about everyone on WhatsApp is in a WhatsApp group chat, be it at school, work, functions, or of course, family. And for the latter, it’s what connects multiple generations, allowing them to communicate seamlessly. For most parents, it’s a common space to get in touch with their children and grandchildren over the most mundane updates, from what they’re doing now to ‘good morning’ image macros, to important notifications regarding marriage and death. In a sense, these group chats have become a space in and of themselves, a ‘place’ to gather, gossip and share stories, like a digital coffee shop.

With this in mind, Hatch was inspired to use this platform as a dramatic medium, doing away with sets, lighting, props and even air conditioning, to create this unique experience as part of Ruminah’s family group chat. From the terrible typos, the annoying audio notes, and of course, the unnecessary visual stimuli from weird uncles, see it all happen in real time, as encompassed in a thrilling and tension-filled plot.

On the day of the performance, audiences will receive an email with a link to join a WhatsApp group. Upon joining the group, the performance will begin at the stipulated show time. No need to worry about privacy and security; the WhatsApp group and all numbers will be deleted 24 hours after the end of the performance.

Certainly, Keturunan Ruminah marks one of Hatch’s most unconventional pieces to date, and involves all Hatch members as part of the writing process, contributing to the script through a series of live-action group chat stagings. This entire “staging” will be conducted with two members in London, with the other three in Singapore, transcending both physical and timezone barriers. Get your tickets, and prepare for one of the most unique theatre experiences in Singapore, on your phone this March.

Keturunan Ruminah plays on 6th March 2021 at 7pm and 8pm. Tickets available from Peatix

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