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Art What!: Days — and counting Season 2 by OH! Open House

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Following on from the first season of their digital art walk, OH! Open House’s Days — and counting is back this February with its second season, titled The distance between us.

Taking the form of an online point and click adventure game, The distance between us continues to capture the surreal and strange times we live in through the lens of art and artists, picking up where the first season, Walls Crumble, left off. Where the first season delved into the home during the circuit breaker, The distance between us explores the ways in which we experience distance has changed. Audiences play as the Sleeping Man in a point and click adventure game set in the Sleeping Man’s bedroom, encountering seven artworks, and making choices in how they would like to explore the works.

Works featured in this season see artists working with different mediums, from a collaborative online diary by Bailey Wait, Lim Shi-An, Robert Wait and Tan Kheng Hua, an online zine by Berny Tan, a collaborative music video by Churen Li, Hell Low, Subhas Nair, Tim De Cotta and Weish, video game vlogs by Denise Yap, a mobile visual gallery by Ezzam Rahman, a lecture-performance by artist Lynn Lu, and an e-commerce site by Yen Phang.

The way in which audiences will experience The distance between us will also challenge how digital experiences are available 24/7. The season is divided into four weekly-released episodes, with limited viewing times for each episode – available during certain times of the day, and only for one week. The viewing times are key to the experience to set the right mood, but also, to mirror certain topics explored by the artworks. 

Each episode will focus on different thematic explorations of distance. Audiences can take up to two hours to fully explore each episode. Episode 1: Reality & Rest features works from Denise Yap and Lynn Lu, with the Sleeping Man choosing to escape the pandemic through playing video games. Episode 2: Home Alone features work from Ezzam Rahman, and shows The Sleeping Man ruminating on how his home feels bigger but lonelier during such times.

Episode 3: Distance Kept, Distance Bridged features work from Berny Tan and a collaborative work from Churen Li, Hell Low, Subhas Nair, Tim De Cotta, and Weish, and sees the Sleeping Man stressing over how to maintain relationships despite keeping physical distance. Finally, in Episode 4: Working Do, Making Through, Bailey Wait, Lim Shi-An, Robert Wait, Tan Kheng Hua feature in a collaborative work, alongside a work from Yen Phang, where the Sleeping Man discovers that relationships are held together by various rituals people perform.

“Season 2 explores ‘distance’ but not just as a pandemic measure. The commissioned artists explored it in terms of personal boundaries, relationships, and more. It was important to consider how audiences were introduced to such ideas and the artworks. We wanted to create an interactive and layered experience, more so than Season 1,” said Kirti Bhaskar Upadhaya, assistant curator of OH! Open House. “We took inspiration from point-and-click video games like Kentucky Route Zero and Oxenfree. These games develop over time, and with every choice a player makes, opening up new stories and outcomes.”

The distance between us is released weekly starting from 19th February 2021, where the first episode will launch at 6pm. Season passes are available via donation on Eventbrite. For more information, visit their website here

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