Food For Thought: Plant-based chicken substitute TiNDLE makes its debut in Singapore

While just about everyone has been busy developing plant-based beef substitutes, it’s not quite as often you see people daring to recreate the other meat: chicken. But Next Gen Foods has taken up the challenge, with TiNDLE, their plant-based ‘chicken’, coming to a restaurant near you this March.

Started right here in Singapore, Next Gen Foods made waves by raising US$10 million in the world’s largest seed round for a plant-based food tech company. TiNDLE then, marks a success story for them, effectively replicating chicken, not only in taste, but also its mouthfeel, texture and versatility.

Comprising only 9 ingredients, TiNDLE Thy uses simple non-GMO and non-Novel ingredients, all made of plants. The core ingredients are water, soy, sunflower oil,
and coconut fat, and doesn’t contain any cholesterol, sugars and trans-fat. At the same time, it’s good for you, containing 17g of protein per 100g. TINDLE Thy has also been certified as a Healthier Choice option by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board, and antibiotic- and hormone-free, with less saturated fat and sodium than other plant-based alternatives in the market. And to top it all off, it’s also better for the planet, using 74% less land, 82% less water and producing 88% less greenhouse gas emissions to produce compared to traditional chicken.

TiNDLE is the only plant-based chicken on the market that has been developed with chefs, for chefs. “We started with chefs because they are arguably the toughest critics — and for good reason!” said Jean Madden, CMO of Next Gen Foods. “We’re confident that TiNDLE is the only plant-based chicken that is versatile enough to be used across a multitude of cuisines and dishes. If chefs are happy with TiNDLE, then we’re very sure customers will be too.”

From left to right: Three Buns’ From Russia With Love, The Market Grill’s TiNDLE Chicken
Strudel and Empress’ Kung Pao TiNDLE ‘Chicken’

Where can you get this incredible ‘meat’? TiNDLE is now available across 11 celebrated restaurant brands, such as Three Buns. Adam Penney, Group Executive Chef of Three Buns will feature 4 TiNDLE dishes on the menus at both Keong Saik Street and The Quayside outlets, including a mouthwatering TiNDLE Kiev Burger called From Russia With Love that he’s been working to perfect for almost two decades before TiNDLE came along.

According to Chef Penney: “TiNDLE is fantastic, versatile, delicious and extremely easy to work with. It has allowed me to expand my creativity and develop items that I know my customers will truly love. It has raised the bar in plant-based foods and I can’t wait to keep dreaming up new TiNDLE dishes!”

TiNDLE will also see use in Eastern cuisine, including a Butter TiNDLE Pot Pie from Chef Manjunath Mural (Michelin Star, ex-The Song of India) at recently-opened ADDA, and TiNDLE Chicken Manakish by Chef Beppe de Vito’s (Michelin Star, Braci) at Levant. Guests can also look forward to Privé’s TiNDLE Katsu Curry, a crispy breaded TiNDLE cutlet in aromatic Japanese curry, paired with apple-edamame-corn salsa and steamed brown rice; The Market Grill’s delicious TiNDLE Chicken Strudel with chestnuts, mushrooms and carrot purée encased in puff pastry; Empress’ Sesame-Crusted Lemon TiNDLE features a TiNDLE fillet coated in sesame seeds and drizzled with a tangy lemon sauce; and Three Buns’ The Big Cease, a buttermilk fried TiNDLE fillet topped with a creamy Caesar sauce in a perfectly toasted bun.

For ourselves, we got the TiNDLE experience from Insta-famous food truck The Goodburger, known for serving plant-based burgers in an effort to push for a sustainable future. Operating a pop-up at Raffles Place till 23rd of March, the food truck serves up their ‘What the Cluck!’ TiNDLE burger, featuring a Southern-style fried TiNDLE patty with cheese, crunchy pickles, and slathered with their special punchy homemade sauce, sandwiched between two luscious brioche buns. Being one that appreciates a good burger, the TiNDLE patty was crispy, juicy, and complemented by the other ingredients to make for a full-flavoured meal. It certainly warrants a taste as a key ingredient in its own right, doing all that chicken can while saving the earth, one piece at a time.

So if you’re still not convinced of the good that plant-based meat substitutes bring, perhaps it’s time to take a chance and get your hands on a piece of TiNDLE. Whether prepared professionally by an acclaimed chef, or perhaps cooking up a storm yourself when it becomes commercially available, TiNDLE is changing the game when it comes to plant-based ‘chicken’, in terms of health, taste, and environmental-friendliness.

The Goodburger will be selling their ‘What the Cluck!’ TiNDLE Burger at Ocean Financial Center, 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315 till 23rd March 2021, 11am to 3pm (or until sold out). The first 100 burgers each day are free of charge if you follow @TiNDLEfoods and @thegoodburgersg on Instagram

For more information, visit their website here and follow them on Instagram @TiNDLEfoods.

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