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Preview: The Monster In The Mirror by Bitesize Theatre and Gateway Arts

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Developed and presented under Gateway Arts’ Collective-In-Residence Programme, get ready for a brand new musical hitting your screens this March. The Monster In The Mirror Musical is an original 90-minute digi-theatrical pop musical by theatre collective Bitesize Theatre Productions.

The musical film follows the journey of Jane, an insecure teenager who is constantly bullied in school and scolded at home by her overbearing mother. Worse still, she is continually tormented by the self-critical voices in her head. That is, until she receives a magic mirror from a flamboyant Fairy God Delivery Beng. She peers into this mirror and finds herself face to face with someone who has been living in her head all her life – a monster. Will she be able to overcome this monstrous side to her, or will she come through and learn the true value of self-love and compassion?

Written by Terrance Tan, with music and lyrics by Michelle Ler and Cheryl Chitty Tan, The Monster In The Mirror Musical features cast members Sharon Sum, Andrea Joy Alingalan, Marcus Chiau, Ashley New, Seth Arri Azhar, Terry Tan, and Sharon Mah.

The Monster In the Mirror Musical is about that little nagging voice in your head telling you you’re not good enough, and what it means to really love and accept that voice in your head,” says playwright Terrance Tan. “And it’s for anyone who’s told themselves that they’re not good enough. But the truth is, you are.”

Watch The Monster In The Mirror Musical online, and learn the all-important issues of self-love and identity-building through one catchy musical.

The Monster In The Mirror will be available online from 26th March to 4th April 2021. Tickets available from SISTIC

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