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Music Is: UQiYO Releases Three-Dimensional Sound Experience of Fifth Album, ‘loom’

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Following the releases of outstanding cross-border collaborations including the single, ‘lo V er’ with Singaporean artist MARICELLE, ‘6000°C’ with Taiwanese Indie Pop band I Mean Us, as well as ‘invisible’ with Malaysian artist Froya, Japanese Pop Project UQiYO will be releasing their fifth album, ‘loom’ on 26 March 2021

UQiYO takes its name from the word ‘浮世’ (pronounced ‘ukiyo’) — a fleeting, transient world describing an urban lifestyle of pleasure-seeking aspects, and in this case music. UQiYO is known to create music that blends in with everyday life, while transporting the listener to the extraordinary with its comfort of sound and method of delivery. Just like a gigantic three-dimensional structure looming from pitch darkness, ‘loom’ is made up of a  collection of songs in the midst of chaos. Being touched by the nature of winter, a new born life, space, sea, sky, love and the dynamic energy of evolving life, Élan Vital. Think of ‘loom’ as music images intersecting vertical and horizontal light, which are emerged into a dazzling fabric, emitting a genuine form of energy.

He adds: ‘Perhaps ‘loom’ was born to this world as proof of this revelation. It’s not just an act of euphoria, but about really making the sound that my soul wants to make. To really loom the thread of words that I want to loom, to really enjoy making a sound, sound. At this time, I feel like a zero-year old right now. After finally being reborn through a mysterious hole into this dimension, I’m full of motivation to do whatever the heavens I can possibly be doing from here on.”

UQiYO will be livestreaming a second ‘impromptu’ session in Yufuin Oita, Japan on their Youtube page in April. The first ‘impromtu_雪’’ session was previously released in September 2020, which consisted of a 40-minute livestream performance by UQiYO blending beautiful, wide scaled thematic visuals of winter and selected music from their music catalog as a music novel.

Listen to loom on Spotify

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