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Music Is: Introducing Mr Nice Guy

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With a second EP to be slated in April this year, Hong Kong singer-songwriter Mr Nice Guy has released a brand new single titled, ‘Bubble’. The single and accompanying music video is today on all major digital streaming platforms. 

The self-produced single, ‘Bubble’ sees Mr Nice Guy out of his comfort zone exploring a slightly more electronic pop sound compared to his previous singles which are more in his bluesy vein. About the single, He shares, “Being in a bubble used to be frowned upon. Yet with all the noise that is coming out of the world’s problems and the divisiveness, maybe being in a bubble isn’t so bad of an idea after all. Perhaps it may even be the cure that we all need in order to move forward and be better versions of ourselves.”

Mr Nice Guy will be releasing his second EP, ‘Vol. 2’ alongside a collaborative single together with Filipino singer-songwriter, Marienne Felisilda. More details will be shared in the upcoming months.

With Chinese-filippino descent and based in Hong Kong, Eric Tan has been involved in the music and entertainment industry all his life. A soulful pop, contemporary singer-songwriter and virtuosic guitarist now under the artist moniker, Mr Nice Guy, his music brings in a blend of pop music with a tint of blues, inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Phil Collins, Marvin Gaye et al

Arriving late on to the Hong Kong and International music scene, Mr Nice Guy was trained under the tutelage of Hong Kong music producers Jonathan Lee and Adrian Fu, killing open mic scenes in Hong Kong and Beijing in the mid 2000’s, and eventually making the decision to fully focus on music as an artist in 2020.

Having released his maiden EP ‘Vol. 1’ in 2020, Mr Nice Guy is currently in the works of releasing his second EP this year. As a strong advocate of community building and partnerships, he is also working with both local and international artists to build an online community for developing and independent artists through his livestream radio series, Music United Asia. 

Follow Mr Nice Guy on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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