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Music Is: Electrico releases B-sides from last three albums

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Local rock outfit Electrico are back with a collection of renewed songs from their last three albums: We Satellites (2008), Hip City (2006) and So Much More Inside (2004).

The decision to breathe new life into their earlier songs for their new EP, B-sides Live at the Power Station, was made spontaneously. It led to the trio’s original members – David Tan (vocals and lead guitar), Desmond Goh (bass guitar) and William Lim Jr (drums) putting together an impassioned recording: a culmination of several months of intense practice and a 10-hour recording session. The live production includes contributions from keyboardist-arranger Jonathan Shin, guitarist Daryl Tay, and a chamber group, which comprises violinist David Loke, cellist Stella Wu, trombonist Erwin Tan and French hornist Luke Chong.

From today, the live performance videos from B-sides Live at the Power Station will be accessible on Electrico’s YouTube channel. The band’s back catalogue is now available on all digital streaming platforms and for purchase on iTunes and Amazon Music.

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