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Music Is: Astronauts release collaborative single LMI feat. Disco Hue’s Sherlyn Veronica

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Marrying old-school, feel good RnB with current hip-hop and pop offerings, the Astronauts are resolute in their pursuit of all things funky and soulful. Formed in June 2016, the band is a quartet of like- minded musicians. After releasing “Get Close” and “I’m No Good” in 2017, the Astronauts exploded into the scene in 2018 with “Kryptonite” peaking at #4 on Spotify Singapore’s Viral 50 playlist.

Now, almost a year since their previous release, the Astronauts finally unveil their latest collaboration track, “LMI”. The fourth release off the band’s upcoming sophomore EP, the band is debuting their very first collaboration track after a slew of slick and polished solo releases in 2019 (Come Callin’/No Pretense) and 2020 (Could U).

The latest entry into the band’s discography, “LMI” is a sizzling RnB track about the tension of a strained relationship and the jaw-clenching need to break down those barriers. A duet between Disco Hue front-woman Sherlyn Veronica and lead singer Ben Jacob Lee, the song explores the push and pull between desire and restraint before peaking with a scorching guitar solo – a throwback to the band’s earlier releases where strong, textured guitar lines were a staple in the band’s first EP ‘ONE’.

Produced by shaykhandbake (Tabitha Nauser, Gareth Fernandez, Ffion), “LMI” marks the fourth entry into the band’s maturing sound palette and personal lives. “It’s a little cheeky, but still the first time we’ve written about the struggles of love like this. As it came together, we knew it had to be a duet and it brought the record to a whole new level.

“Collaborations are at the heart of 2021 for us and we can’t wait to show what’s next,” says bassist Benjamin Mah.

With production of their EP temporarily halted by the pandemic, the Astronauts are back with exciting new projects to support the release of “LMI”. Once again engaging the local dance community, the release will be accompanied with a dance video, a cross-medium collaboration with emerging local dancer and videographer, Darren Choy.

“Dance will always be closely tied to the music we create. We’re excited to help bring the two scenes in Singapore even closer with this release,” says Ben Jacob Lee, frontman of the Astronauts.

With the gradual re-opening of live shows in Singapore, the Astronauts are back in the spotlight and ready to impress upon their fans and followers with this latest release, bringing them one step closer to the release of their second EP.

Listen to LMI here Follow Astronauts on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

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