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Art What!: Mandala For Substation at The Substation

The Substation presents its final exhibition in the month of April, with Mandala for Substation. Marking artist Tang Mun Kit’s 19th solo exhibition, the exhibition is inspired by the Substation’s uncertainty over its status, and the sense of loss in continuity from the original purpose of “A Home for the Arts” as expounded by founder Kuo Pao Kun.

Mandala for Substation #2 Circular
Jan 2021
Art Paper, readymades, found
objects, glue, preservatives
74″ x 5″

The exhibition will showcase 20 paintings and four huge floor installations (specially created for this exhibition) using found objects, found carpet, paints and lightings to create a Mandala, which embody a visual image for viewers to “meditate/imagine/ ruminate” on the future of a new and intact Substation – To be an inclusive space that invites all art forms without prejudice and to create a new era of possibilities and cross fertilisation of disciplines.

Mandala for Substation Series 1
(Study #1, #2, #3, #4, #5)
Mar – Apr 2021
Stencil, mixed media on canvas
11” (Diameter)

How all of it eventually plays out of course, in terms of the reality of the Substation, is anyone’s guess. But at the very least, by viewing the exhibition, one might be able to feel a sense of hope in the energies and talismans placed here, as the arts community envisions a brighter future, regardless of how the Substation looks and feels when it eventually returns in its new form.

Mandala For Substation runs at The Substation till 30th April 2021. More information available here

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