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Arts of the UK 2021: London Climate Change Festival’s ‘Song For Change’ to premiere on Earth Day 2021

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LONDON – The London Climate Change Festival is set to present Song For Nature, a specially created concert to raise awareness of Climate Change this Earth Day. Filmed over three days on stage at the London Coliseum, the concert will be free for all to watch everyone to watch on Sky Arts on Earth Day, 22nd April 2021 at 9.00pm.

Highlights of this unique hybrid of dance, song, music and activism includde Brian May (of Queen) and West End/Broadway stat Kerry Ellis singing a brand new song, and a stunning new arrangement of a well loved classic; contemporary dance extraordinaire Akram Khan performing an extract from DESH, accompanied by a choir of children singing Alleluia by Jocelyn Pook; actor Rob Brydon singing Lullaby with the ENO orchestra; Royal Ballet principal Marcelino Sambé performing a new solo choreographed by William Tuckett; Oscar winning composer Rachel Portman’s new piece, Earth Song, performed by the celebrated London Voices and more.

Interwoven amongst the performances are contributions from some of the leading environmental activists of the day, including  Bella Lack, Youth ambassador for The Born Free Foundation; Natalie Fee from City to Sea; Rokiah Yaman from MadLeap; Hannah Peck from Cool Earth; Stuart Ramsay from Sky News and more.

Each of them were filmed around the iconic London Coliseum over a hectic and thrilling three days of art and activism. The performance was envisioned by Dominic Dromgoole, with performance directed by Bill Buckhurst (Sweeney Todd), and the television capture directed by Ross MacGibbon (Uncle Vanya).  The concert’s musical director was Stephen Higgins, its Lighting Designer was Paul Anderson, and Sound Designer was Paul Smith. The television capture was produced by

20 months ago Janie Dee formed The London Climate Change Festival and set about organising a Festival for 8 weeks in March 2020. The country then went into lockdown. The ambition and energy of that first festival has now grown into this concert. Janie Dee said: “It has been a year like no other. We have all, no doubt, realised the value and preciousness of life. To this end this concert, filmed, in place of a live event, displays a collection of great artists compelled to do what they can to focus on mending the Earth. Amongst may other examples of activism and goodwill across the world, it marks a time we shall never forget. We are given hope by the innovation and will-power of the activists and artists taking part in this concert”.

Former Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe, and co-Director Dominic Dromgoole said, ‘This extraordinary moment has proven a unique opportunity for all to reorganise priorities, and to find fresh ways of expressing what matters to us. This unprecedented blend of lyric dance, song, music and text, together with words both practical and polemical, will hopefully serve as testament to a troubling present and a hopeful future’.

Phil Edgar-Jones, Director of Sky Arts and Entertainment, commented: “At Sky we’re committed to a zero carbon future and keenly aware of the need for all of us to take urgent action to keep our world alive. So we are delighted to be the broadcast home of this unique event which will look at the issues and at what we can all do to help, all while providing an incredible evening of world class entertainment.”

Song For Nature will play on Sky Arts on Earth Day, 22nd April 2021 at 9.00pm.

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