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Preview: Dream by Kyle Ravin

With mass events still in limbo due to COVID-19 restrictions, most live shows have reverted to the norm of last year – going digital. But local magician Kyle Ravin isn’t satisfied giving just any regular live show; he’s taking it to the next level, with Singapore’s first fully-interactive virtual magic-theatre experience.

Livestreamed via Zoom, Dream will be taking place for one night only, on 25th June. Following a loose storyline where Kyle awakens in a dream state, he finds that he has the ability to manipulate reality itself to blur the lines of what’s truly attainable. As dreams and reality collide, Kyle will incorporate various tricks into the story, with plenty of opportunities for audience members to be a part of the show, and giving us our very own ‘magical moments’ from the comfort of home.

Following the show itself, curious participants can also choose to learn the fundamentals of magic with everyday items in a two hour master class and appreciation workshop on deception on 27th June, 10am. For now though, sit back, relax, and get ready to be enthralled by Kyle’s dream world and magical manipulation as Dream premieres this June.

Dream plays on 25th June 2021 at 8pm on Zoom. Tickets available here Tickets are sold at SGD$29 for the Dream Show and Workshop respectively. A bundle of both the show and workshop can be also purchased at SGD$50. A free e-book, LEARN MAGIC NOW (contains over 40 tricks) worth $24.90 with every purchase of the Magic Workshop on 27th June 2021

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