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Music Is: Universal Music Indonesia introduces noui to lineup

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Universal Music Indonesia and Wonderland Records have added Singapore-based Indonesian singer-songwriter noui, who debuted with her new single “everytime we fall feat. Heiakim”.

noui, Indonesian singer-songwriter born in 1996, first began her singing journey through the internet, where she used to do song covers on her YouTube channel. With her love and passion in art, as well as her hobbies in singing-songwriting and writing poetry, she has then been starting to write her own songs. As someone who focuses on the good side of tragedy, noui wants to raise awareness and encourage people to romanticize and cherish every moment they have in life.

With a little touch of philosophy in her music, she hopes to give some sort of hope and company for her listeners, or even change the way they live and perceive things through her music, and includes hidden meanings in her songs, mostly about the truth of existence, moments, and insanity, just like in her first debut single “Neptune’s Tune”..

Lyrical and soulful, like a sad lullaby, “everytime we fall” is written and composed by noui herself, and is produced, mixed, and mastered by Heiakim. Through this song, noui reminds her listeners that our time could end at any given moment, and we might only have today to live with a certain someone like friends, family, lovers, and anything we hold dear. Whether we want it or not, this is inevitable.

As such, noui wants to encourage the listeners to fall in love with every moment they have with anyone or anything, and to romanticize every moment in life; to embrace and indulge in today, and to let go of the chance of having any regrets.

Listen to everytime we fall here 

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