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Preview: Lungs by Singapore Repertory Theatre

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Marking the third two-hander play since Singapore Repertory Theatre’s (SRT) post-COVID return to live performances, this June, get ready for the Singaporean premiere of Lungs this June.

Written by critically-acclaimed British playwright Duncan Macmillan, Lungs follows an everyday couple (Oon Shu An and Joshua Lim) in a fairly stable relationship. Things change however, when he pops the question about having a baby. What follows is an emotional rollercoaster ride, simultaneously intimate, intricate and funny about what it means to be a couple confronted by a world of uncertainty. It is this topic of a baby that leads the couple to grapple with making responsible choices in the face of rising social inequity, environmental disaster and political unrest; what happens when life takes over and their principles are pushed aside?

Director Daniel Jenkins says: “Lungs is intelligent, funny, moving and surprising. The script raises questions about our responsibility, not just to ourselves but also towards the generations to come.”

“The choices and actions we make today have an enormous impact on the future. Lungs is a play that will resonate with all audiences, young, old, single or married, with children or without; a play about love, life, and the uncertain world in which we live at the moment; a play that provokes us to question our life decisions and the way we live our lives.”

Lungs plays from 19th June 2021 at the KC Arts Centre. Tickets available from SRT

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