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Music Is: lullaboy releases single ‘gone too long’

Indonesian-American raised and Singaporean based singer-songwriter and producer lullaboy has been consistently releasing music every month over the past 6 months. His upcoming single, ‘gone too long’ will be his 7th single. Distributed by Believe Digital, the single ‘gone too long’ will be part of an upcoming album in the works, which is slated for release at the end of this year.

While staying true to lullaboy’s emotional Pop and R&B sound, ‘gone too long’ blends acoustic elements with unique bass-heavy production, and a new layer to his unique soundscape, pushing him further than he has ever done creatively. Produced by music producer Nathaniel Clay (NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS), the single has the main message of hope and trust. It reflects on lullaboy’s personal experience of being in a long-distance relationship, which includes the push and pull of time apart and coming back together, and taking leave again with no end date in mind but the wisdom and preparation of what is to come and of course, being more in love than ever before.

“I am just as sad, but not as scared as I was a year ago. There is always going to be the push and pull when it comes to any relationship. I want to be open about the good, the bad, and everything in between, focusing on how to make a relationship work through thick and thin,” lullaboy shares. 

“I would love to be open to my fans about this struggle of long distance I am going through, which I am sure anyone going through similar experiences can relate to and learn from.”

– lullaboy

Listen to gone too long on Spotify. Follow lullaboy on FacebookInstagramTwitter and Youtube

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