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Music Is: Marian Carmel releases single ‘You Like The Chase’

Following up from harmony-driven “Rose”, released in November 2020, the Singapore-based Filipina born singer-songwriter Marian Carmel returns with a second single from her upcoming debut album. “You Like The Chase”.

“You Like The Chase” is Marian’s take on relationships and heartbreak. Written on a whim after a conversation with a friend, Marian channelled her frustrations and anger into the song, which birthed a complex piece that juxtaposes the lighthearted front with a darker and outraged undertone.

“Over dinner with a friend, she told me something about a previous relationship that made me so angry that I stopped my Encik Tan fishball noodles and turned on my voice memo to record a hook I hummed.

That very night, I finished writing the song “You Like The Chase”. The song features a flirty and sassy persona; She giggles and she makes snide comments hidden in the track.

“I made something that wasn’t melancholy for a change and it showed a very rare playful and sarcastic side of me,” Marian explains.

“You Like The Chase” is distributed through local independent music label, Where Are The Fruits, the song is produced by Leo Goh (Fingerfunk, TENG Ensemble).

Alongside the single release, Marian Carmel has a #WhereDoIBegin Challenge on social media platform, TikTok.  Taken off the first liner lyrics of the single, the challenge is in a skit format with the punchline, “Boy oh boy, where do I even begin?” 

Listen to You Like The Chase on Spotify Follow Marian Carmel on her website, Facebook, InstagramTik Tok and Youtube

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