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Art What!: 3+3+3 – On Condition at The Private Museum

In their final show at their space at 51 Waterloo Street, The Private Museum Singapore (TPM) is set to present 3+3+3: On Condition—a group exhibition curated by Andrea Fam.

This marks the third edition of TPM’s Guest Curator Platform—collaborating with guest curators to support and experiment with independent curatorial practice through the presentation of different perspectives of our world.

Finbarr Fallon & Claire Goh
Flat Earth (2021). This work is concerned with the transience of buildings’ corporeality, and how we might continue their existence beyond the body.

This interdisciplinary exhibition will feature both new and ongoing works by five artists and architects including artist duo Finbarr Fallon & Claire Goh, Geraldine Kang, Michael Lee, Mervin Loh and Isabella Teng Yen Lin.

Our governing bodies, architects, invisible labour, civilians, new and temporary residents have seamlessly infused their own histories and intimate memories into the foundational and poignant blueprints of our small island nation.

Geraldine Kang Live-in (Mattress Provided) (2017 – ongoing). The work studies the living situation of foreign domestic helpers who have to adhere to the live-in rule.

Borrowing its namesake from the commercial lease agreement under the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), 3+3+3 explores these unseen psycho-spatial associations and the complexities of our urban planning while musing on the ephemeral nature of space and place-making in our land-scarce city.

Through preparatory sketches, utopian models, performative engagements and satirical ‘white papers’, this exhibition is an open-ended invitation to reflect on our ever-evolving relationships with our urban environment. Engaging our different senses, these works contemplate notions of nostalgia and transience while considering the overlooked inhabitants of Singapore.

Geraldine Kang. Aesthetic Screening (2017). This work focuses on the overlooked architectural structures of bin centres, which also serve as work sites for the migrant workers hired to clean housing estates. Its title is borrowed form the administrative language used to articulate these areas.

3+3+3: ON CONDITION runs from 24th June to 8th August 2021 at The Private Museum. More information available here

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