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Preview: The Mother by Pangdemonium!

Motherhood has never been an easy path to take. From carrying a child for nine months, the pain of actual childbirth, to a mother’s duties to her husband and children, it’s practically enough to make one woman go mad.

Following their staging of The Father (2018) and The Son (2020), Pangdemonium is set to complete Florian Zeller’s ‘family’ trilogy with The Mother this August. Translated by Christopher Hampton, The Mother follows a woman on the verge of losing her grip on reality. Suspicious of her husband, missing her son, and uncertain about her son’s girlfriend, she soon begins to descend into paranoia and nerves.

As her behaviour becomes increasingly manic, how far will she go before she disappears into this emotional rabbit hole? Directed by Tracie Pang, and starring Janice Koh, Adrian Pang, Jamil Schulze and Mehr Dudeja, watch as Pangdemonium! stages this searing examination of mental illness, in a surreal and suspenseful psychological thriller balancing on the knife’s edge between reality and hallucination.

The Mother plays at the Victoria Theatre from 22nd October to 7th November 2021. Tickets available from SISTIC

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