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Preview: Cyril & Michael by Bridging The Gap

After their debut production subTitled 1.0 in February, Bridging the Gap Collective (BTG) is back with their second production this July. Written by Theo Chen, Cyril & Michael takes place over a single night, when a chance encounter between two strangers unravels their rich histories.

Directed by Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, the two attempt to find ways to meaningfully connect, as they swap stories, vulnerabilities, and unveil secrets to each other. As they spar about race, sexuality, love and heartbreak, they grow to understand each other more deeply, opening up the potential for a profound relationship between them. This is not your typical love story. This is the messy, complex, sometimes ugly, yet profoundly beautiful dance of connection.

In line with their ethos, BTG will once again be providing a platform to bring together student graduates from theatre institutions with established theatre practitioners and designers to help them transition into the industry proper. This time around, Cyril & Michael will star newcomer Ezra Kamal, alongside the more experienced Dr Peter Zazzali. The play will also feature a set by Irsyad Darwood, lighting by Daryl Norman Soh, and stage management by budding Arts Manager Koh Yiwei. The play is made possible with the support of sponsors Heckin’ Unicorn & Vintagewknd, as well as the support from their donors.

“We hope that this play speaks to anyone who is aching for a connection; anyone who has ever searched for it, found it even for a brief moment, and maybe craves it back,” says playwright Theo Chen. “The play also touches upon more difficult and rarely talked of issues in relationships – internalized issues of race; the stress of a mixed-race relationship, and what it means to identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community.”

This is a story that analyzes a history we inherit, versus a history we learn for ourselves. We hope the audience walks away a little more keen on chance encounters with strangers: their hearts and minds and souls perhaps just a little more open to the possibility of connection – maybe even within the performance space itself.

– Cyril & Michael playwright Theo Chen

Cyril & Michael runs from 29th July to 1st August 2021 at the Drama Centre Black Box. Tickets available from Peatix

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