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Art What!: Art Galleries Association Singapore presents Exclusive Studio Conversations

Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS) launches AGAS Presents: Exclusive Studio Conversations, is a collaborative series that unveils the intimate relationship between artists and their representing galleries, providing a personal glimpse into an otherwise hidden process of a gallery’s role in supporting the professional development of the artists they represent. A first for AGAS, the series will see AGAS galleries coming together to present a cohesive roster of artist studio visits.

David Chan’s Unification. Art Seasons Singapore.

The pandemic continues to test our resilience for change, adaptability in the face of a sustained period of challenge. With the heightened restrictions and cancellation of the inaugural Exclusive Studio Conversations in May, AGAS decided to press on and re-organise the initiative, which now takes place from 30th July to 9th August 2021.

Nidhi Samani’s Inclubation.

Through studio visits, the series acts as a platform to ignite meaningful dialogue not only about the creation of the art, but also to engage in deeper conversations about the art business itself amidst a more intimate setting. These are no ordinary studio visits however, as it allows for the invaluable opportunity for collectors to see works in person, develop a closer engagement and connection with both the artist and the gallerist.

Madhuri Bhaduri’s Reflections

Khai Hori, President of the Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS) explains: “This event will bring forth opportunities for important conversations pertaining to art investing, collecting strategies, special commissions and corporate partnerships.”

Artwork by Faris Heizer

While the majority of the studio visits will be conducted physically, virtual studio visits also be available for selected studio visits. For physical visits, the artists studios are located in a variety of locations. A handful of artist studios are situated in more well-known art locations such as Goodman Arts Centre, Aliwal Street and Robertson Quay, while others can be found at Tiong Bahru, Woodlands, Serangoon and Tanjong Katong.

Piers Bourke’s Frank Yellow Green

A total of 17 artists, 11 of whom are Singaporeans, and their 11 representing galleries will be featured. The artists line up includes David Chan (Art Seasons), Boo Sze Yang (artcommune gallery), Piers Bourke (Studio-ID Gallery), Yanyun Chen (Art Porters Gallery), Nidhi Samani (Studio-ID Gallery), Zarina Muhammad (Yeo Workshop), Sunaina Bhalla (Y Art Project), Marc Nair (Intersection Gallery), Emi Avora (Y Art Project), Madhuri Bhaduri (Studio-ID Art Gallery), Ben Loong (Mizuma Gallery), Genevieve Chua (STPI), Leo Liu Xuan Qi (Art Seasons), Jay Ho (Chan + Hori Contemporary), Zeh Teh (Mizuma Gallery), Faris Heizer (Cuturi Gallery) and Jason Lim (Gajah Gallery).

Festival passes are priced at $80 each. Each festival pass allows ticket buyers to attend up to a maximum of 3 artists studio visits. Visits can be either physical or virtual. Keeping to the Safe Management Measures (SMM) guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) for the Arts and Cultural sector, all studio visits will be at limited capacity and capacity numbers will defer at each studio. Tickets available here

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