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re:Sound Collective presents Jonathan Shin’s 1819 Suite, now reborn in cyberspace

In 2019, Resound Collective commissioned young Singaporean composer Jonathan Shin to produce a chamber orchestra work that chronicled Singapore’s pivotal moments, in commemoration of the country’s bicentennial. The resulting work, the six-movement 1819 Suite was performed to broad acclaim in October 2019.

Since the premiere, there have been calls for the work to be performed again, and to be shared more broadly with the public, as Shin’s imaginative composition resonated strongly with many who were present at the performance. Despite its compact chamber orchestra instrumentation, the uncertainties surrounding live performance brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have made a repeat performance impossible.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, the 1819 Suite will soon be experienced in cyberspace, via a visual and audio musical journey on The Glasshouse, a virtual platform where interactive chamber music and chamber arts content is offered.

Through this project, the 12-minute long work, with its colourful soundscapes that celebrate Singapore’s journey, struggles and indomitable spirit are given extra life through illustrations by Soh Fia, the writings of Dr Loh Kah Seng, with overall storyboard direction by Tang Tee Khoon, founder and artistic director of Chamber Music and Arts Singapore.

Find out more and experience the 1819 Suite here

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