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Art What!: A Most Absurd Guide at UltraSuperNew Gallery

Mama Magnet and UltraSuperNew Gallery present: A Most Absurd Guide — A commodity of oddity that’s in fact, not an actual guide. A Most Absurd Guide is an art exhibition that takes visitors through ways in which to navigate the existential dread of a world that’s quite literally on fire. 

Three artists acrossSoutheast Asia sprinkle their own pungent essence of bizarre cultural attitudes specific to their region. From Yogyakarta, Krack! Studio (ID) presents brand new hand-pulled silkscreen works that are life-hack manuals depicting truly ingenious Indonesian logic. Meanwhile, Cebu-based artist Soika Vomiter (PH) expresses laughter and insanity in their oil paintings of disintegrating caricatures of the self. Finally, our very own HelloPigu (SG) debuts their trademark happy-go-lucky character, Pigubao (longevity peach bun) on canvas paintings. Expect ancestral wisdom, irony, atrocities and psychosis. 

The artworks are painfully self-aware, even crass, and hold a well-decorated mirror up to your face while offering filthy observations. They ask that you stare straight into the bloodshot eyes of your inner demons, and spill your proverbial guts out- well-sanitised tactile interactions in the gallery offer themselves up as tribute for total emotional expulsion.

A Most Absurd Guide is brought to you by UltraSuperNew Gallery and art programming agency Mama Magnet – curator Tulika Ahuja offers up counter-culture satire with a firm grasp of our current times.

A Most Absurd Guide runs from 20th August to 11th September 2021 at UltraSuperNew Gallery. Admission is free, with more information available here

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