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Preview: Kumar Unmasked

Singapore’s (drag) queen of comedy is back, and he’s taking to the big stage this September. Get ready as Kumar rips off the mask and bares it all in brand new show Kumar Unmasked, playing from 10th to 19th September at the Sands Theatre.

God knows we could all use a good laugh right now in the midst of this dreary pandemic, and Kumar promises to deliver. Even if you’ve caught his other shows both live and online this year, Kumar promises a fresh gauntlet of jokes, each one outdoing the last, and of course, laughs for everyone in the Sands Theatre (his debut performing at the venue!).

So without further ado, get ready for our very own Singaporean comedy legend as he finds the humour in the everyday, and uses his quick wit and pitch perfect delivery to arouse the naughtiest bits in seemingly tame Singapore. Come unmask the New Normal with Kumar, and chortle your way through the rest of the pandemic.

Kumar Unmasked plays from 10th to 29th September 2021 at the Sands Theatre. Tickets available here

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