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Art What!: Walk Walk Don’t Run by Grey Projects

Grey Projects is excited to announce Walk Walk Don’t Run, an island-wide open studio walk happening over four Saturdays in October 2021. Walk Walk Don’t Run involves over 25 artist and design studios, artist-run spaces and craft spaces across Singapore that will open their doors for public visits. The open studio format gives participating artists and designers a chance to step away from the exhibition and the finished object, and share instead their personal projects, their work-in-progresses, ongoing concerns and ideas, and their research and development.

Inspired by the East Side Open Studios, last initiated by Peninsular in 2018, Walk Walk Don’t Run encourages informality, conversation, and spontaneity, and a different speed to our circulation of words and ideas within the art scene. Walk Walk Don’t Run is an opportunity to spend time with artists and designers, instead of too-many exhibitions. Walk Walk Don’t Run is an opportunity to build casual connections between peers and colleagues – artists, curators, critics, writers, designers, art educators, art fabricators – but most importantly, you as the audience member, to join in.

Walk Walk Don’t Run takes place across  23rd October (North), 30th October (Central), 6th November (East) and 13th November (West). Suggested routes for each weekend open studios, including public transport routes and refreshment points will be available here

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