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Art What!: Tai Kwun reveals autumn season 2021

HONG KONG – Tai Kwun has unveiled its upcoming autumn programme. As the historical compound bids adieu to the summer season, the autumn’s cooler breeze offers a fresh gust of creativity to the site’s programming, with outdoor spaces bustling back to life after the languid summer months.

Ushering in a series of new exhibitions and extending visitor favourites, Tai Kwun Contemporary continues its highly acclaimed exhibition, trust & confusion, with the introduction of immersive encounters by Tino Sehgal and performances by Nile Koetting. Meanwhile, Poetic Heritage debuts, inviting all to explore artistic practices from Hong Kong and beyond by showcasing contemporary discourses on heritage- and art-making. SPOTLIGHT takes the city’s performing arts to new heights with a series of multi-disciplinary productions such as the immersive theatre The Inner Études, Hong Kong-style cabaret LauZone, dance theatre Diary VII • The story of……and the timely concert The Happy Family. The delightful Serendipity in the Street extends its observations of the Central neighbourhood, while regular programming such as Tai Kwun ConversationsArt After HoursSunday Movie Steps and more can be attended routinely.

Tino Sehgal and Nile Koetting at trust & confusion

trust & confusion follows the conversation of certainty and chance; the transformative power of bodies, intangibles, and ephemeral encounters; music and magic; and the luck of being alive, with all the concerns that come with it, be they human or not. Evolving and accumulating, the exhibition unfolds over several episodes, on-site and online, from now until 1st January 2022.

As you enter the exhibition, there is a chance that you might be immersed by the sounds of birds and humans conversing; witness a short splash of dance; hear melodies sung by a chorus of tone-deaf singers; notice foam mattresses transmitting the sound of one’s favourite radio, among others.

An episode with the internationally renowned artist Tino Sehgal will unfold from 23 October to 5 December in the exhibition and on the Prison Yard, with two immersive performance installations that bring conversation to the core of what humans can do together, in questions, dance and songs. This episode is preceded by an episode with Nile Koetting involving routine exercises for emergency situations from 11 September to 10 October, also on 3/F of JC Contemporary.

Poetic Heritage

Playing with the critical and creative relationships between heritage and contemporary art, Poetic Heritage presents artistic practices from Hong Kong and beyond, which can open up a new discourse on heritage-making and art-making. The artists—Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan, Ursula Biemann & Paulo Tavares, Leelee Chan, Leung Mee-ping, Jorge Otero-Pailos, Wan Lai-kuen Annie—all offer insights on the many ways “heritage” offers a productive lens with which to engage with contemporary issues. By deliberately salvaging unconventional things that have captured evidence of the past, the artists reveal the untold, forgotten and neglected stories associated with expanded notions of heritage. Curated by Tam Hok-nang Alex, Poetic Heritage is the result of Tai Kwun Contemporary’s Open Call for curatorial proposals.  

SPOTLIGHT – A Season of Performing Arts

Carrying on the mission to explore the uncharted areas of performing arts, SPOTLIGHT – A Season of Performing Arts will present six newly commissioned works. The site-specific theatre production The Inner Études takes us on an intimate journey beginning from granite rocks found near the Prison Wall. Meanwhile, two new musical productions – LauZone, a Hong Kong-style cabaret created by the team of the sold-out Tri Ka Tsai – will give a humorous account of the city’s unique cultural values, while The Happy Family presents a concert featuring an original novel and score, as it tells the story of a middle-class Hong Kong family.

Three distinctly different dance works will demonstrate the breadth of movement. These include the innovative Minute Moonshine that takes you from the virtual online world to Tai Kwun; Diary VII • The Story Of……by the celebrated choreographer Mui Cheuk-yin; and No. 60: Back to Basic, a lecture-performance by Thai choreographer Pichet Klunchun on contemporary and Thai Khon dance. Our partner Unlock Dancing Plaza will present free public workshops and performances to explore the relationship between body and methodology of choreography. 

Serendipity in the Street

Serendipity in the Street is an exhibition that brings together urban observers and artists as they record the happenings in the Central neighbourhood, focusing on people’s adaptive and creative use of space.

This exhibition utilises the observation methodology of “Modernologio” to create street-level records of Central’s neighbourhood. This documentation leads us to reexamine the everyday objects that we so often take for granted, arousing interest from the audience as we reconnect them with the simple delights of ordinary life.

A guided tour is available every day at 3:15pm, registration starts at 3:00pm on-site. Alongside the exhibition in Duplex Studio, an online platform is launched as an extension of the journey of urban observation.

Regular Programmes

Tai Kwun also invites all visitors to embark on a journey of discovery this autumn as the cultural centre fuses together programmes across multiple genres of arts, heritage and culture. The Centre for Heritage and Arts is delighted to continue its regular programmes such as Sunday Movie StepsSaturday Music at Laundry StepsTai Kwun Conversations and welcome back Summer Institute #4, among others.

Over fall, visitors can attend cosy film screenings in the semi-outdoor Laundry Steps (Sunday Movie Steps), while Tai Kwun Conversations expands its focus this October from heritage-related topics to include issues related to the arts, as we hear from Hong Kong’s brightest cultural and artistic minds. Summer Institute #4 returns to offer student seminars and distinguished public lectures in October. Saturday Music at Laundry Steps continues to showcase daring performances by myriad up-and-coming local artists on selected Saturdays. Contemporary Art lovers can join Art After Hours every other month as the setting introduces new music, film, lecture, and performance formats, while Artist’s Choice showcases contemporary and classic films followed by thought-provoking artist’s talks.

For more information, visit their website here

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