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Art What!: Bizarre Bazaar at UltraSuperNew Gallery

It wouldn’t be October without Halloween, and this year, UltraSuperNew Gallery are getting in on the morbid delights, with their first ever Bizarre Bazaar. Inspired by the body horror and freaky art of manga artist Junji Ito, and themed HORROR, FILTH and GLAMOUR, after the Boulet Brothers’ incredible drag reality TV series Dragula (if you’re not watching Season 4, why?!), this year’s bazaar celebrates different subcultures and brings together artists and makers who love oddities.

This year, check out wares and art from local artists with a penchant for the dark side, curating and co-existing within the walls of UltraSuperNew Gallery while cultivating blood bonds with other cult creators, collectors and consumers. Look out for terrifying trinkets, with charms, bracelets, or even custom tooth gems affixed on the spot, and having your claws buffed with horrifying nail art.

Collectibles include hair-raising photography, prints and works from Black Crow Taxidermy & Art’s newest collection: Fairies — A World Unseen. Finally, inner demons are laid to rest with live tarot readings and custom-made petrifying poetry. Explore all the filth, glamour and horror to your dark soul’s desire, as the Bizarre Bazaar comes to town this Halloween Weekend.

Bizarre Bazaar runs from 28th to 31st October 2021 at UltraSuperNew Gallery. Admission is free, with registration via Peatix

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