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Art What!: Art Galleries Association Singapore Gallery Week November 2021

Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS) presents AGAS Gallery Week 2021, from 11th to 21st November 2021. 22 Participating galleries located around the city state will be exhibiting works from local and international artists. In a time of the pandemic, safe management measures are in place to, keeping that in mind, AGAS is inviting you to bring a date and spend it with art.

This year AGAS is inviting Art For Good, a local Social Enterprise that provides professional art services such as Art Therapy, Art Education and Community Art engagements, designed to give back to the community.

AGAS is always looking for opportunities to promote social awareness, the AGAS Gallery Week’s theme is a good event to begin with. We are supporting Art For Good to invite its volunteers to ‘bring a date’ to AGAS member galleries for a unique experience.

AGAS is giving 20 pairs of dates to Art For Good. Their volunteers will invite a client under their care to visit any of the AGAS member galleries independently during the AGAS Gallery Week. AGAS hopes to create openness towards the underserved, and cultivate a positive awareness towards mental health. These are matters we could do with more empathy and addressing in our society today. AGAS will be contributing a sum to help facilitate with transportation costs for these dates.

For over ten days, our daters will have an extensive range of works to spend time with at various galleries making new discoveries. The AGAS Gallery Week is a non-ticketed event, making it more accessible and appealing to new audiences. With the hope of inviting newcomers into art galleries, we will be treated with the opportunity to celebrate art works during a pandemic which will feature a total of 48 artists, from representing galleries. The artists lineup includes Wong Keen (artcommune gallery), Melissa Tan (Richard Koh Fine Art), Yam Shalev and Afiqa A’mran (Cuturi Gallery), Speak Cryptic (Chan + Hori Contemporary), Stephanie Jane Burt, Quynh Dong, Santi Wangchuan, Lezzie Wee, Shayne Phua (Yeo Workshop), Bui Van Hoan and Nyuyen Lam (ArtBlue Studio), Wyn Lyn Tan, Ong Si Hui, Grace Tan, Sebastian Mary Tay, Ian Woo (FOST Gallery), Rani Banerjee and Zai Kuning (Ota Fine Arts), Susan Weil (Sundaram Tagore Gallery), Tawatchai Puntusawasdi (Gajah Gallery), Gilles Massot, Eddie Botha, Emi Avora, Christian Lukey, and Andy Yang (Intersections Gallery), Aiman (Art Porters Gallery), Chua Ek Kay and Lee Lim (Art Agenda, S.E.A.), Lou Qing and Yeo Tze Yang (Art Seasons), Christina Quiumbing Ramilo, Elaine Roberto Navas, Jill Paz, Juan Alcazaren and Leslie de Chaves (Mizuma Gallery), Anna Berezovskaya (REDSEA Gallery), Ghada Amer, Reza Farkondeh, Genevie Chua, Amanda Heng, Lin Tianmiao, Prabhavathi Meppayil, Suzann Victor and Haegue Yang (STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery), Jason Wee (Yavuz Gallery). The Gallery Week will also include Metis Art Education which will be holding “The Language of Contemporary Art”, a full day course held on zoom which explores speaking the language of art, its vocabularies, elements and intricacies. A special note, Emi Avora’s exhibition ‘My Life in a Tropical Garden’ held by Intersections Gallery, will donate 10% of the sales to Sing’theatre’s community outreach programme 365 Days of Music @SINGHEALTH.

AGAS Gallery Week runs from 11th to 21st November 2021. More information available here

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