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Music Is: DEON and Don Aaron team up for new single ‘Don’t Bother’

Singapore’s maestro and veteran singer-songwriter DEON teased listeners with the release Breathe In just last month, hitting play on his latest chapter of discovery and renewal in tough times. Since then he has released its accompanying music video, that captures the physical representation of committing memory to skin — getting himself inked, and just recently an acoustic video of the single. The latter in raw essence showcasing his heart from home, where most of his stories for his upcoming EP have taken place.

The single features Singaporean vapourwave artist, Don Aaron, titled ‘Don’t Bother’. DEON and Don first met at Snakeweed Studios, when Don was hanging out with producer Leonard Soosay when the former was recording vocals for his debut album. Meeting up after a show at the Esplanade, the opportunity to work together on music came about when a solo guitar segment and chorus vocals was needed. DEON shares, “I’ve known Don for a while, and have been tracking his musical journey as well – I genuinely love what he puts out there, there isn’t anything else like it in Singapore – his authenticity is amazing.”

Electronic beats take center stage alongside heartfelt vocals on ‘Don’t Bother’. This tune is based on the growing pains, where DEON had to process changes and emotions to losing loved ones in recent years. He explains, ‘This was my way of processing an amalgamation of feelings, ranging from guilt to grief, to anger. At that moment, I remembered being very exhausted and needed a way to encourage myself. I wrote relatively happy lyrics to mask this desperately sad backstory. While developing the song, it dawned on me that this song manifested into something of a reminder. Focus on the good and cast aside negativities, to look for silver linings in tough times, and learn how to get back on your feet, to be more encouraging and forgiving towards yourself.’

With activities leading up to his latest EP, ‘Melancholic Pop’ that is slated for released in March 2022, merchandise for ‘Don’t Bother’ will be made available on DEON’s website, together with very limited edition stickers designed by ex-Caracal guitarist, and tattoo artist, Wolfsloth. Designs for these stickers are based on the tattoo designs that DEON has on his own arm, and in relation the animal and flower motifs for ‘Melancholic Pop’. These motifs link back to the values, lessons, and memories committed to skin.

Listen to ‘Don’t Bother’ here Follow DEON on FacebookInstagram and on his website

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