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Music Is: Iman Fandi releases second single ‘Love Me Little More’

Singapore’s freshest female pop star Iman Fandi is building on an immensely promising year with ‘Love Me Little More’, her follow-up single released today and teases a pending EP project via Universal Music Singapore.

With her second single ‘Love Me Little More’, the 21-year-old multi-hyphenate shows a growing repertoire to be contended with, presenting an irresistible bop with deceptively playful vocal toplines. The song is a major milestone for the artist – it marks her first international collaboration with producer Lucas Albrektsson of Swedish pop music powerhouse The Kennel AB. 

Co-written with Amanda Liedberg and mixed by 13-time Grammy-winning engineer John Hanes (The Weeknd, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys), ‘Love Me Little More’ is the latest showcase of Iman’s pop instincts and melodic intuition, a taste of what’s to come from the future of Singaporean pop music. 

After her trap-inflicted debut single ‘Timeframe’, Iman dives headfirst into the euphoric power of pop music to unveil the most relatable desire we fail to stay immune to. ‘Love Me Little More’ is a plea for acceptance and connection. It’s an anthem for anyone who once dared to surrender themselves to love, only to face sorrow. 

“I tried my best to write down how it feels being in a one-sided relationship, where everything you do might not be enough to keep the one you want,” Iman says of the song. “I feel like this is sadly common situation in some relationships.” Heartbreak isn’t new territory for Iman – her first single ‘Timeframe’ evokes the loneliness felt by the absence of someone special.

Some of the most exciting and restorative pop songs are not afraid to wrestle with the heart’s desires. Their melodies are what carry the affair to transcendent heights. “I knew I wanted a completely different sound from ‘Timeframe’ and I was aiming for a love song with a slight tropical beat to it,” Iman says. “I wanted to make a summer anthem everyone can sing along to.”

Iman wrote ‘Love Me Little More’ with Liedberg in three days, further polishing its alluring pop lustre with Albrektsson over Zoom. “He was really easy to work with and he knew the sound I was going for,” Iman says. “It made for an amazing experience because there were specific things I wanted.”

While the song itself is meant to inspire joy for listeners, its music video adds a poignant narrative heft to the story. Its characters – as directed by Amirul Hafidz (also known as fidz.bare) – drown in seductive neon colours and the warm glow of candlelight. Amidst the Instagram-worthy romance and simple comforts with a partner, Iman is seen enduring the harsh moments of uncertainty where something is clearly not working out. 

‘Love Me Little More’ is a taste of Iman’s upcoming EP, which fans will be able to dig into in the future. “They can expect to hear different beats and experimental sounds and it’ll definitely be a roller coaster of emotions,” Iman promises. “I want to create an EP that people can cry, laugh, and dance to. There’s something for everyone.”

Listen to Love Me Little More here

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