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Music Is: Marian Carmel releases album ‘to you, to me’

Having recently released the acoustic R&B tune, ‘Pause + Reset’, Filipina-born and Singapore-based singer-songwriter, Marian Carmel has announced the release of her debut concept album, ‘to you, to me’. Released through Singapore-based independent music label, Where Are the Fruits, the album will be made available on all major digital streaming platforms on 29 October 2021, Friday.

Known for her ethereal vocals which breathe life into the melancholic nature of her songs, ‘to you, to me’ touches on topics of love, loss and healing. 2-Years in the making, the 8-track concept album was borne out of the many nights of Marian Carmel sitting through and dealing with heartbreak, frustration, anger and a mixture of other uncomfortable emotions put together. Inspired by letters that were written by Marian Carmel during a low and defining period of her life, the album is split into two parts. The first half of the album ‘to you’ is made up of letters that were meant to be sent, but never were — allowing some form of catharsis and a way for the singer-songwriter to make sense of her emotions. The second part, ‘to me’ consists of letters Marian Carmel had written for herself — lessons and reminders of her own growth as a person as she finds herself again. Previously released singles including acceptance song ‘Rose’, and the rather playful, mid-tempo R&B song ‘You Like the Chase’ make up the second half of the album.

Marian Carmel shares: “This is my most vulnerable project yet. We’ve been working on it for 2 years and it’s so surreal to think that I’m finally releasing my debut album. But also, this preparation stage that I’ve been in for a while is coming to an end. At the start of writing this album, I believed that the songs were written about, and for other people. It was only later when I realised that these were interpretations of events from my own perspective. That’s also why it felt right to name the concept album, ‘to you, to me’. The songs were never solely about someone else, they were versions of stories and reminders to myself too. This has come full circle for me.”

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