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Preview: RAW Moves presents In/Out by A Little RAW Company

Socially distanced human relationships. New boundaries of home and discovery of the self. What can we learn about the nature of trust, sincerity, and freedom?

Bringing together young movers from diverse abilities and backgrounds, In/Out provides a creative and experimental outlet for A Little RAW (ALR) Company where youths develop and pursue their personal reflections with each other’s assistance.

Join RAW Moves and A Little RAW as they invite you to witness this evolving
and interactive space that promotes expression and connection over shared questions of identity, in a time of disruption and distance.

In the past few years of ALR Company’s annual performances, the team have staged full-length productions both “live” and “digital”. However, in 2020 and 2021, COVID-19 disrupted the process, and led the team to explore more about the factors that affect COVID-19, from policy makers to industry players and to educators. But what was lacking was the perspective of kids.

As such, ALW gave the opportunity to their young dancers, some with autism and
down syndrome, to let them have a place to speak about how they felt about COVID-19. With their own concepts, sparkling innovation and creativity, ALR co-directors Ricky Sim and Wong Wai Yee, together with the ALW facilitators, assisted the young dancers in experimenting and crafting their works as they dabbled with the question of identity.

In/Out explores the idea of growing up, and how it affects the establishment of one’s identity. As both an individual and social phenomenon, adolescents have to navigate this process of identity formation by experimenting with possible self-identities, seeking significance in their relationships with others and their place in the world. With COVID-19, that process is disrupted, from the isolating experience of living to schooling in a pandemic. How does both the distancing of oneself from others, and the increasingly enclosed space of home, affect the direction and outcome of their identity development?

Presented across three segments, these seven young performers are paired through the sense of shared inquiry, parallel explorations and even by unlikely connections. Integrating their personal lines of inquiry, In/Out then seeks to impress upon the interconnected nature of the youths’ exploration of individual and social identity, through their different yet complementary perspectives.

Dancers Eunice Loh and Choo Qian Ning explore the nature of trust and sincerity in socially distanced human relationships. With Estelle Yeo & Ellyssa Yeo, and Gabrielle Chia, we are invited to question the extent of freedom in self-devised games within the new boundaries of home. Lastly, Lee En Jie and Annika Mei Das leads us through their respective journeys of discovering the self through demonstration and storytelling.

COVID-19 may be seen as a disruptor, but could also be seen as a pause, allowing us to slow down, reflect and ponder. Perhaps it’s time to hit the reset button, as we listen to the voices of the youth, and we all navigate the ins and outs of living in the new norm together.

In/Out plays on 10th and 11th December 2021 at Goodman Arts Centre, Block O, Multi-Purpose studio 1 & 2. Tickets available from Peatix

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