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Preview: The Sharul and Kumar Show

Singapore’s ‘Princess of Comedy’ Sharul Channa has always been a proud supporter of International Women’s Week. And in 2022, what better way to commemorate this year’s campaign theme #breakthebias, than a brand new comedy show, joined by Singapore’s reigning QUEEN of comedy Kumar?

Celebrating women and those who identify with the female gender, The Sharul and Kumar Show comes to the KC Arts Centre this March, and promises a night filled with laughs and truth bombs. In a never-before-seen version of a stand-up comedy show, come and experience for the first time, Kumar and Sharul perform a delicious dance, deliver solo sets and then coming together in explosive banter. Set to break glass ceilings with their razor sharp wicked wit, spill the T on what being a real woman/man/everything-in-between means, and maybe even some hot goss from Kumar on his take on being a household name, get ready as Sharul and Kumar answer your burning questions, and get ready to roast the world.

“Having attended Kumar’s shows, and celebrating different personal life milestones at his shows, I never knew that I would one day get an opportunity to work with him. I remember, 11 years back, I walked up to him outside the club (the now defunct Home Club) he was performing at and asked if I could open for him at his shows for more experience. Without batting an eyelid, he said yes,” shares Sharul in an Instagram post.

“But he also said, “There’s one condition; I will pay you a fee.” He gave me my first $50 for a 5 minute opening set at his show. He didn’t need me; he has never had an opening act. So, he gave a female comedian more stage time in a country where there were hardly any women in the stand-up comedy scene AND he insisted he pay me. There is so much to be learnt here. Yes he is a Singaporean icon, but he is also a very good human being. And I don’t believe in heroes, for heroes will disappoint you. So here is to a sister from another mister whom I truly respect and am glad to share the stage with in my upcoming show. By the way, I got that first $50 signed and I still keep it in my wallet.”

The Sharul and Kumar Show runs from 8th to 20th March 2022 at the KC Arts Centre. Tickets available from KLOOK

The Sharul and Kumar Show will also feature a show exclusively for women on Monday 14th March 2022, and is open for anyone to purchase tickets on a pay-as-you-like basis (recommended base amount is $15). If you know a group of women or someone who needs a laugh but can’t afford the usual ticket price, take the opportunity to bless them. Limited tickets available; get in touch as tickets are not listed for public sale.

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