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Preview: The Glass Menagerie by Pangdemonium!

Originally slated to be presented as part of their 2020 season, local theatre company Pangdemonium is kicking off their 2022 season with a production of beloved American play The Glass Menagerie, catapulting playwright Tennessee Williams from obscurity to fame, and a titan of 20th century drama.

Originally performed in 1944, The Glass Menagerie is considered a ‘memory play’, where the lead character narrates the events of the play drawn from his own memory. That character happens to be Tom Wingfield, a man working in a factory with big dreams of becoming a writer, free from the shackles of familial and financial responsibility.

Meanwhile, Tom’s family members are each broken in their own way; his sister Laura is painfully fragile and cripplingly shy, isolated from the real world and seeking solace among her precious collection of glass figurines. His mother Amanda is a fearsome force of nature, a faded flower from a bygone era whose prime has come and gone, yearning for a better life for them all.

Compelled to stay because of his profound loyalty to his sister, Tom wonders if he will ever break free from his domineering mother and the stifling home life. Things change when a gentleman caller by the name of Jim sweeps into their life, and may just change their destiny forever.

Directed by Tracie Pang, and starring Inch Chua, Jamil Schulze, Salif Hardie, as well as professional Broadway actress and All My Children star Catherine Grace Gardner, watch as Pangdemonium breathes new life into this classic tale of family, hopes and dreams.

The Glass Menagerie plays from 11th to 27th March 2022 at Victoria Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC

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