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Preview: WINDOW by ATTEMPTS X The Doodle People

Both before and during the pandemic, ATTEMPTS has been the rare Singaporean company to continually push at the limits of what theatre and an artistic experience can be, from board games to dating sims. Now, the team is back to extend their artistry yet again, with their new project WINDOW.

Described as a one to one live theatrical game experience, WINDOW begins in a black room. Right in the middle of that room, a laptop gleams dimly. A voice beseeches you to explore further. You sit cross-legged in front of the device. Onscreen, there is an icon of a yellow folder titled “WINDOW”. Behind the window is SARA. Click on the window folder to enter her world.

Take a mind trip, and go on a journey into the mind of SARA, navigating her web of complex thoughts and feelings with care. Performed live from a studio, the audience-player will access the performance in a digitally-created arts space Centre 42 using their personal computer and will be interacting with show technicians and performers to complete the journey.

In a world ravaged by Covid-19 and peppered with quarantine orders of varying degrees, how does one cope with isolation, loneliness and the mental health complications that come with them? Let ATTEMPTS show you in this innovative new experience, as WINDOW comes to your screens this March.

WINDOW runs online from 18th to 27th March 2022. Tickets available from Eventbrite

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